Taste of the West Fjords

Operated from Ísafjörður




  • Includes:

  • Coach
  • Guide
  • Local Food

Highlights and point of interest:

The village of Suðureyri - Suðureyri harbour - Fish drying house - Local food - Local history - Local industry

The Westfjords are renowned for their top quality products and their modern food tradition with a local twist. This tour takes you on a journey to the eco-conscious village of Suðureyri where the locals have embraced an intriguing approach to food.

The inhabitants of the Westfjords have often had to fight for survival in an unforgiving landscape. Whether it be the isolation caused by blocked mountain roads in winter, destructive avalanches or the decline in fishing around its waters. It is a subject of wonder to some who visit this area what exactly drives the people of the small villages dotting the coast to fight incessantly to keep their communities afloat and save them from the fate of abandonment.

This enlightening tour gives an insight into how the ingenuity of the villagers has contributed to their small communities. We will visit the small eco-conscious fishing village of Suðureyri. Here we will stop at various places to enjoy sumptuous tastes of local produce and meet the local producers and innovators.

Here, the local fishing boats are speed-boats allowing fishermen to quickly sail out to see and return promptly to land with fresh, high-quality catches. The speed and efficiency are such that the local catch is on sale in Europe a short 36 hours later. The fishermen strive to practice sustainable, environmentally friendly fishing in hope that this will ensure their own future and that of their children.