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Traveling as a group?

Contact us and get a quotation for your group while in Iceland. We offer group discounts for our scheduled tours and we can create private tours for groups who wish to explore Iceland in their own privacy. We offer any size vehicles, from compact cars to supersize buses, all based on your group’s needs and we can provide guidance in most languages.

Examples of activities you can add to the excursion:

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    Few examples of excursions we can arrange for groups:

    In Reykjavík:

    Whale Watching

    Located close to the city center are the departure location for the Whale Watching. You can often get them combined with other tours to use your time the best.


    This can be combined with the Golden Circle or as a separate excursion. Also, we can arrange a trip Into The Glacier and many other activities connected to the glaciers. From snowmobile to 4×4 and everything there between, we can even get Into The Glacier.

    Horseback Riding

    We have a few options to pick from. This can go from being a 1.5 hours rides up to 4. The Icelandic horse is easy to ride and can fit for just about anyone, no matter your riding experience.

    City walks

    Just want to walk around the city, not a problem we can get you a guide and they will show you the city.

    At Akureyri

    In Ísafjörður:

    Whale Watching

    Located close to the pier your vessel will be docked at is the departure location of the Whale Watching. It´s only a short walk alongside the seaside and you’re there.

    Beer Baths

    There´s this little microbrewery located 20-minute drive away from Akureyri where you can go into a Beer Bath. Unique and surreal experience, outside are hot tubs with a one of a kind view.

    Town Walk

    Take a walk around this wonderful little town and see what it has to offer. This is all done with a local guide to get the most out of the experience.

    Whale Watching

    Beautiful landscape and majestic creatures short boat ride outside of Ísafjörður.  Great location to go out and see the wonders the whales are.